Your Teen Only Turns 16 Once: 4 Steps To Give Them A Party They'll Never Forget

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Your Teen Only Turns 16 Once: 4 Steps To Give Them A Party They'll Never Forget

24 July 2017
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You only turn 16 once. If your teenager will be turning 16, make sure you plan the most memorable party imaginable. You not only want to make sure that your teen has the 16th birthday party they've always dreamed of, you also want to make sure that their friends are impressed. After all, a boring birthday will haunt your teen forever. Here are four fun additions to the party-planning that will be sure to impress your teen, and their friends:

Live Entertainment

Teens love music. However, that doesn't mean you should bring out your stereo and play CDs at their party. Instead, take it to the next level by providing live music at your teens birthday party. Hire a live band, or DJ to entertain the guests. Be sure to include a play list so that your teen will get the music they enjoy the most. If you're not sure what type of music your teen listens to, take a look at the play list on their phone. That will give you a good idea of the music you should request for the party. If you hire a DJ, make sure they encourage requests. That way, your teen and their friends will be able to request their favorite songs.

Sweets Station

What teen doesn't enjoy sweets? To appeal to your teens sweet-tooth, don't just settle for cake and ice cream. Bring on an entire sweets station. The perfect sweets station should include candy of all types, cotton candy, and of course, an ice cream bar.

Pizza Bar

If you're planning on ordering pizza's for your teens 16th birthday, you're thinking too small. Instead, rent a pizza oven and provide a do-it-yourself pizza bar. Your pizza bar should include a variety of sauces, cheeses, and toppings – including vegetables and various meats. Be sure to include a few gluten-free crusts, in case any of the guests are gluten-intolerant.

Private Movie Viewing

If you really want to make sure your teens 16th birthday is memorable, include a private movie viewing in the plans. Most movie theaters allow you to rent a screening room for private viewings. Be sure to let the parents know that you'll be taking their kids to the movies. If you want to make it even more memorable, rent a limo to transport your teen, and their friends to the movies.

If your teen is about to turn 16, don't settle for the same, old birthday party. Use the tips provided here to give them a party they'll remember forever. Contact a company like Matty B Entertainment for more information and assistance.