Four Tips For Protecting Your Hotel's Televisions From Routine Problems

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Four Tips For Protecting Your Hotel's Televisions From Routine Problems

26 July 2017
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

If you own or manage a hotel, you will need to ensure that your guests have access to the various amenities that will make their stay as comfortable as possible. In particular, televisions are among the most common amenities, and many guests will consider having one in their room essential. To protect the investment that these televisions will represent and to reduce the possible technical problems that may arise, you will need to follow a few simple but easy to overlook preventative steps.

Attempt To Keep Your Televisions Uniform

When you are buying televisions for your rooms, you will need to keep them as uniform as possible. If you mix and match the various television models in your rooms, you may find that it is more difficult to have technical problems address or spare parts ordered. In contrast, if all of your televisions are from a single provider, you can avoid these issues as all of your spare parts and technical support will come from one provider.

Keep A Stock Of Spare Remote Controls

It is a reality that the guests in your room can be rather hard on the various fixtures that you provide. Unfortunately, the television remote control can be a common victim of damage and theft. Without a working remote control, many of the features on modern televisions will be impossible or difficult to access. By keeping a stock of spare remote controls that are designed for your television units available, you can quickly replace these devices without needing to spend time programming a new remote control.

Protect The Televisions Against Electrical Surges

If your hotel were to be struck by lightening or experience a major power surge from the electrical grid, you could suffer a complete loss of all of the televisions on your property. Preventing this type of damage will require a centralized surge suppressions system. Soe individuals will attempt to use outlet based surge suppressors. However, these can be easily overwhelmed by powerful surges, which can allow the television to suffer damage.

Secure The Television To The Table

It is common for hotels to secure televisions to the tables, and while many people will assume this is only to prevent theft, it can actually protect the television from being knocked over. Unfortunately, some hotel managers and owners may not want to secure their televisions due to concerns about the aesthetics of the bolts. However, it is possible to hide these bolts by placing the television on a small raised platform that will conceal these screws.

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