How To Include Your House In A Haunted House Tour

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How To Include Your House In A Haunted House Tour

26 July 2017
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There are many homes in America that are purportedly haunted. When several of these abodes dwell within a short distance of each other, they create the opportunity for a haunted house tour every Halloween. If you think your home is haunted and you want to include your home in a local haunted tour, here is what you need to do.

Have Your Home Inspected by Paranormal Investigators

The first step is to invite paranormal investigators to check out your home. Avoid "investigators" that are "psychic," as these people tend to be frauds and will tell anyone that the home "has a presence." There are several legitimate investigators who will not only investigate your home, but also certify it as a place of paranormal activity. Then you can proudly display a plaque that attests to this fact.

Contact the Local Haunted House Tours Group

Many of the homes on haunted history tours are hundreds of years old. That does not exclude your abode from inclusion, but it does help when a group also wants a historic background and a reason why your house may be haunted. In the paranormal group that investigated your home, there should be at least one person who has done the research on your home to see why it may have ghostly activity. Include this in your application to become part of the haunted tour.

Include the Various Spirit Activities You and Others Have Experienced

Guests on a haunted tour will want to know what they might experience when they wander through your home. The scarier the incidents, the better--but do not make it up! The experiences and stories have to be real and must have happened to someone. Documentation by paranormal investigators is even better, especially if they gave you footage of things that happened. Include all of this in the information that the local haunted tour group wants so that they can put it in the haunted tour brochure.

Prep Your Home for Lots of Visitors

If you are accepted and included into the haunted tour, make sure there is plenty of room for lots of foot traffic. Those that want to tour around your home will need room to move about. You do not want any guest tripping over toys or banging into furniture. Make all paths clear and straight, especially the paths to the rooms in the house where ghostly activity has occurred and has been experienced.