Reasons To Book Your Child In Private, Backyard Swimming Lessons

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Reasons To Book Your Child In Private, Backyard Swimming Lessons

13 October 2017
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Putting your child in swimming lessons is a smart idea for a number of reasons. Not only is learning to swim enjoyable and offers a good chance for exercise, but a child's risk of drowning deceases when he or she is a competent swimmer. When you're considering various swimming programs, you have the choice of group lessons at a local aquatic center or lessons in a backyard pool taught by an accredited teacher. While the former has several advantages, it's worthwhile to strongly consider the latter. Here are some reasons that this type of setup can be better for your child:

More One-On-One Time

In group lessons, perhaps 10 or 12 students will all by learning at the same time, which means that your child will get one-on-one instruction from the swimming teacher only a fraction of the time. Conversely, when you book private swimming lessons, your child will get 100 percent of the instructor's attention from the start of each lesson to its conclusion. This environment is ideal for learning and can help your child develop his or her ability to swim quicker. If your child is struggling in a particular area, the teacher will slow the pace of the class to focus on this area; in a group environment, your child may get left behind in this scenario.

No Change Room Challenges

One of the issues that many parents face when their child takes swimming lessons at a local aquatic center is dealing with the change room. An area with plenty of nudity can be uncomfortable and distracting for you and your child, and you may find that you don't enjoy this part of the lesson. When your child takes backyard lessons, this issue is no longer a concern — your child (and you, if necessary) can simply use the instructor's bathroom to change in private.

Less Chance Of Health Issues

Public pools are a concern to some people because of the risk of contracting warts, fungus, or other health issues. The fact that the pool deck remains damp much of the time, combined with the countless people who use it, means that it can often be relatively easy to pick up these health issues on your feet. This isn't something that you want for your child, but it's not nearly as big of a concern in a private environment. An outdoor pool deck dries quickly in the sun, largely eliminating such concerns.

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