Reasons That Running A Half-Marathon Is A Good Team-Building Activity For Your Workforce

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Reasons That Running A Half-Marathon Is A Good Team-Building Activity For Your Workforce

4 April 2018
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When it comes to building a workforce that operates more like a team, you have a variety of options that you can consider. Augmenting the team mentality in your office carries a number of advantages, including reducing employee turnover and potentially even increasing profits. One option to consider for building your team is to collectively train for, and participate in, a half-marathon. Obviously, this isn't something that you'll accomplish overnight, but working toward this goal as a workforce can lead to a number of positive things. Here are some reasons that this is a good idea to pursue.

It Teaches Patience

Patience is a valuable asset in any workforce. Those who expect immediate results can often get frustrated when the results they want do not appear, and this can lead to a host of problems. For non-runners, building up to take part in a half-marathon is something that will likely take months. While each employee will have to practice on his or her own, you can also schedule perhaps one or two running sessions a week. During these sessions, your workforce will not only get a chance to get to know one another in a non-working environment, but also remember how progress can take time.

It Promotes Health

Workplace health is an important topic for many employers. Healthy employees are theoretically less likely to have extended absences from work for illnesses, and may even have more energy. By training for the half-marathon, it's reasonable to expect that your employees will put more of an emphasis on their health. They'll likely be exercising more, and may also strive to eat healthier. In many cases, employees will form bonds with one another through getting healthier. As an employer, you want your workforce to be as healthy as possible, and training for a half-marathon together is one way to get there.

It Provides A Sense Of Accomplishment

For many runners, being able to work up to competing in a half-marathon is a major accomplishment. This can be advantageous for a workforce, because it shows that anything is possible when your minds are set. Your staff will ideally carry this mentality into their jobs. For example, someone may have thought that he or she could never be ready to compete in a half-marathon, but dedicated training will show this belief to be untrue. In the workplace, a sales person who perhaps doesn't think that he or she could possibly land a major client could remember the accomplishment of the half-marathon and believe that he or she can accomplish this goal, too.