Budget-Friendly Wedding Venue Ideas

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Budget-Friendly Wedding Venue Ideas

23 January 2019
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If you find that the only thing stopping you from planning the wedding of your dreams is your budget, say "I do" to a venue that is easier on your wallet. You don't have to sacrifice a desired celebration space for lack of funds if you're willing to get a little bit creative. 

No matter what season you're holding your wedding in, you'll have plenty of budget-friendly venues from which to choose. During the warm spring and summer months, consider having an outdoor ceremony and reception to both soak in the weather and save money. There is a variety of economical indoor options for winter weddings as well, so you won't be left out in the cold. 

When narrowing down the list of possible venues, look for spaces that offer special deals, such as discounted guest rooms or onsite catering, to get the most bang for your buck. Booking far in advance may save you extra money as well. 

Here is a list of budget-friendly wedding venue ideas to get you started:

1. A Backyard 

If you're wedding guest list is small and a friend or family member has a large backyard area, you may have found the perfect spot for an intimate gathering. Flower gardens will make a picturesque backdrop for your nuptials, while a vine-wrapped gazebo is the ideal spot to say your vows.

Affordable-yet-effective decor ideas include stringing white lights around trees and pillars to create a warm ambiance, and using vases of fresh-from-the-garden flowers as table centerpieces. You can rent tables, chairs, and linens if you need more seating elements. If there's a pool, set it aglow with floating candles. 

When it comes to food, take advantage of the backyard grill by serving anything from gourmet seafood and vegetable skewers, to casual hamburgers and sausages. Use a rolling cart as a traveling cocktail bar.

2. Hotel Conference Room

Although it may not seem as glamorous as a country club, a hotel conference room can be both a convenient and inexpensive spot to hold your wedding reception. Not only will you and your guests be able to stay right onsite, you'll also have a place to do hair and makeup before the nuptials, as well as a place to change afterwards. 

You can personalize the room using your wedding theme or colors, and set a romantic scene by bringing in your own lighting elements, such as candles and hanging lanterns. Colorful table linens, such as runners and napkins, will add visual interest to a sterile space. 

Another possible way to save money is by having the hotel's onsite catering department or restaurant provide the meals, rather than hiring your own company. Start visiting venues like Rainbow Gardens to get started with your planning.