The Right Generator For A Film Set

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The Right Generator For A Film Set

13 March 2019
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Access to the right equipment is needed to make movie magic. A movie set has a lot of electrical devices that must be powered at all times during the filming process. Lights, cameras, fans, and other electrical devices make a huge difference in the production value of a film.

Generators are used on movie sets that are located away from a permanent power source. You can't use just any generator on a movie set; you need a piece of equipment that will blend seamlessly into the set.

Extended Run-Time

It takes a significant amount of time to get the shots needed to produce a movie. This means there are many long days on set when a movie is in the production phase. A generator must be able to accommodate these long hours by providing extended run-time.

This is usually accomplished by outfitting a generator with auxiliary fuel tanks that can extend the run-time of the generator. Filming will never have to be stopped in order to refill the generator's tank when auxiliary tanks are able to tack extra hours onto the generator's run-time.


No movie is shot in a single location. Movie sets are moved from one location to another in order to create the right visual effect for viewers watching the movie once it has been released.

The frequent relocation of a movie set means that any generator utilized to provide power on set will need to be portable. Look for a generator model that is mounted on a trailer with wheels. This feature will allow you to easily tow the generator to its new location using a small vehicle or ATV.


Perhaps the most important characteristic a movie generator needs to possess is the ability to create electricity quietly. Directors and film crew don't want any outside sound contamination while they are capturing an actor's performance.

Generators designed for use on movie sets will have sound baffles, exhaust silencers, and insulated housings to help keep noise production to a minimum. A quiet generator will not interfere with filming but will serve only as a valuable asset on set.

The right generator can prove to be invaluable on a movie set. You need to make sure that the generator you invest in for your movie is capable of running for an extended period of time, is highly mobile, and operates quietly enough to avoid sound pollution during filming. Contact a company like SAS Rentals to learn more.