Signs That It's Time To Give Someone A PMS Survival Kit

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Signs That It's Time To Give Someone A PMS Survival Kit

7 August 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

A PMS survival kit can be a fun gift to give someone who is dealing with the undesirable symptoms of PMS. You can buy kits that are filled with items for self-pampering, and you can also make your own by gathering items that you know the recipient will appreciate. Before you give this gift, it's a good idea to assess your relationship with the woman. Some women are very emotional during this time, so you want to ensure that she'll appreciate your tactics for wanting to help her. Here are some other signs that it's time to give someone in your life this gift.

She Lacks "Me Time"

PMS survival kits often include items for self-care. While the kit may also contain some functional day-to-day items, there will usually be items in the kit that the recipient can use to give herself some pampering. One sign that it's time to give the woman this gift is that she complains about lacking what many people call "me time." In other words, the woman might be so busy caring for members of her family that she seldom gets a quiet period of time to look after her own needs. Your kit can help her to care for herself.

She Talks About Emotional Swings

One common issue that women experience as they go through PMS is emotional swings. A woman might be happy one minute, and then sad, or even angry just a moment later, without necessarily knowing why. A PMS survival kit can be a good gift for someone who is frustrated about this emotional roller coaster. A woman who is experiencing these emotional swings will appreciate the gift that you're providing, and it may help her, too. For example, your PMS survival kit could include a diary in which she can write about her feelings to reflect upon later.

She Is Severely Fatigued

Fatigue is something that many women deal with as they go through PMS. Some women find that they sleep a lot, while others don't get a chance to sleep as much as they'd like and are simply exhausted for much of the day. A woman in this situation will be able to make good use of many of the items in your PMS survival kit. For example, the kit could include some chamomile tea to help her sleep or some essential oils that can promote relaxation before naptime or bedtime.

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