Signs That It's Time To Assign Someone New To Work On An Escape Room Puzzle

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Signs That It's Time To Assign Someone New To Work On An Escape Room Puzzle

21 October 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

There are many different ways that a group can attempt to get out of an escape room. While some groups work on each individual puzzle together, others uncover a series of puzzles and assign each one to a different group member. Busily working on your individual puzzle while your peers do the same can allow you to move quickly, but there can be times that someone gets stumped. Although you want to give your fellow members a proper chance to figure out the mystery in front of them, there comes a time that it's necessary to have someone else look at the problem instead. Here are some signs that you should make this move.

Too Much Time Has Elapsed

One approach that you can take is to set a time limit for each person to look at problems on his or her own. For example, you might want to devote three minutes to this process. Use a timer on your watch or smartphone, and once three minutes have elapsed, assess who is still struggling. At that point, having someone who has already completed his or her problem step in to help someone else can be a good way to keep the entire group moving forward.

The Person Has Lost Interest

Generally, a person in an escape room will remain focused on his or her mystery until solving it. However, it can become evident to the group that this person has lost interest in getting the job done. Perhaps the problem is based on mathematics, and the person has problems with numbers. He or she may give it a valiant effort for a short period of time, and then begin to focus on other things. You may notice the person looking over to see what you're working on, or perhaps attempting to help a peer. These are signs that this individual is no longer 100 percent focused on his or her problem, meaning that it's time to reassign someone else to it.

The Person Is Holding You Up

There can be times that one person in your escape room group continues to struggle with his or her problem, even after everyone else has defeated theirs. In this situation, the entire group may be waiting on that one person so that it can move forward in solving the puzzle and getting out of the escape room. If your group feels as though the one member is holding it up, it's time to have one or more individuals step in to put fresh eyes on the problematic puzzle.