4 Tips For Beginners That Are Buying Fireworks

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4 Tips For Beginners That Are Buying Fireworks

27 August 2020
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Have you decided to buy some fireworks to put on a show for your friends and neighbors, but not quite sure what you should be buying? These tips will help you make good purchasing decisions.

Decide On A Budget

It is very easy to get carried away when you actually start shopping for fireworks. It is a good idea to come up with a budget for how much you want to spend and stick to it. If you start throwing in things that look fun, you'll end up buying a lot more than you planned on and break your budget.

Get Familiar With The Different Types

You want to have realistic expectations for what you can buy before you go shopping. Do some research on the different types of fireworks that are out there, and consider going online to see videos of what they look like. This will help speed up your purchasing decisions when you want to know what and not have to ask someone to describe it. Make notes on the type of fireworks that you like so you can make your firework shopping list. For example, you may like using a cake or aerial repeater style firework. They will have a single fuse that you light, and the fireworks go off all at once in a pattern that creates their own fireworks show. 

Know How Fireworks Types Can Be Different

Now that you know what type of fireworks you want, you should understand how they can vary between packages. For example, mortar style fireworks are going to come in a big tube, and shoot a single shell high up into the sky. The different packages of mortar fireworks may vary in price based on how many shells come in the set. Consider how much you are paying per mortar. Mortars may also come preloaded with s a single mortar in the tube. 

Cake style fireworks will come in packages of 200g or 500g, which tell you how much firepower is in the cake. Things get a bit confusing when you start comparing how many shots are in a single cake firework. Having more shots means that the fireworks are going to be smaller.

Consider Getting Fuse Extenders

Want to take some additional safety precautions, or be able to stand back and enjoy the show yourself? Consider purchasing fuse extenders. They will be rated based on how fast they burn per foot, so you can time out how long it will take to light the fuse and step back far enough to see the firework go off.

Follow these tips next time you go out to buy fireworks.