3 Ways Writers Can Find Inspiration From Horror Records

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3 Ways Writers Can Find Inspiration From Horror Records

21 December 2020
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

Horror music has become even more iconic than some of the movies the music was featured in. One way to own scary movie soundtracks is through horror motion picture soundtrack vinyl collections. If you're a writer, not only can you enjoy the music on its own, but you can use the vinyl records for writing inspiration.

Learn how to get inspired and take your writing even further with the music options.

1. Music & Visualizations

Horror music scores are able to tell stories with the way they build suspense, create moods, and have a chilling atmosphere. As you brainstorm story elements, the music can help you focus and really get wrapped up in your story's emotions. A majority of horror soundtracks do not feature lyrics, allowing you to completely focus on the instruments and musical flow.

Before you even write or type words for a story, let the music build scenes and get you into the right headspace for specific actions. Horror movie soundtracks work with more than just the horror genre. You can use the music for inspiration in fictional dramas, thrillers, suspense, or science fiction stories.

2. Vinyl Cover Art

When you purchase a horror soundtrack, one of the best parts is the detailed cover art that comes with the record. The art often reflects horror movie posters, characters, and scenes within a movie. You can display your vinyl records in a writing space and find a lot of creative energy from the artistic designs.

Looking at the art allows you to brainstorm and see characters, colors, and figure out different plot elements for your own stories. By reflecting on the horror art, you can dive deep into themes, locations, and plots to unravel your own stories with.

3. The Little Details

Horror music can really help you uncover the little details within a story. As you listen to music, you will notice subtle sound effects and ways the music plays off different elements. For example, you may hear the sound of trumpets in the beginning of a song, and then the trumpets come blaring back towards the end.

You may hear how a few cymbal noises slowly build up until a big crash. The way the music plays out can help draw a roadmap for your own writing. Music can help you build the pacing and style of a scene. The more you listen to records, the more you will notice all of the little details.

Build your horror vinyl collection to have a wide range of records to listen to and enjoy.