How To Conduct A Valuable And Effective News Interview

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How To Conduct A Valuable And Effective News Interview

28 September 2021
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One of the most important aspects of being a news anchor is conducting interviews. It may be with a business owner or someone that's part of a political group. If you want to do a better job at conducting these interviews, here are some tips that can help.

Perform Research Prior 

Before you even begin the interview process for a news segment, you want to do some research on the person or company that's being interviewed. Knowing everything about the story they're tied to can help you refine this interview process.

You'll have a better understanding of what questions to ask, what material might be sensitive, and past topics that can help with the current interview. Performing this research also shows you're turning over every leaf to feature someone in an accurate light, which will help the news interview go much more smoothly.

Learn Questions Backward and Forward

In order for a news interview to be structured, you need to have questions written down and refined. That's going to help your interview feel like a conversation and also make it easier for the interviewee to answer what you're asking them on a public stage. Once you identify relevant questions, take time to learn them backward and forward.

You should know every line so that you can be more present when providing responses to the interviewee's answers. Also, you'll feel more comfortable about conducting news interviews because you know how the flow of the conversation should go. 

Go Over Questions with Interviewee

Once an interviewee is targeted for a news spot and you have questions written out that you'll be asking them, go ahead and bring the interviewee in. You need to tell them exactly what questions you're going to ask so that they don't feel misled or surprised throughout this process.

Then if there are any questions they don't feel comfortable answering, they can give you a heads up before the news segment is live. That's important to do for establishing trust and really getting the interviewee to open up for a compelling news segment, which can then drive your news reporting career forward.

Being a news anchor requires a lot of skill with speech, but it's also essential to be a good interviewer. There will be many segments that come, up and if you dedicate yourself to mastering this art in the news industry, you're going to go a lot farther. 

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