3 Firework Products Ideal For Backyard Wrestling Promotions

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3 Firework Products Ideal For Backyard Wrestling Promotions

21 March 2022
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Backyard wrestling events are a far-cry from the professional settings of big companies, but you still have the opportunity to put on an entertaining show with some unique features. One way to make the event stand out is with some fireworks.

Pro-wrestler entrances, celebrations, and match moments can all change with the use of fireworks. The next time you shop at a fireworks store, learn how to use various products to create memorable moments.

1. Fountains

If you seek out fireworks for the entrances of wrestlers, then fountains are one of the best options. Fountains emit sparks and flames and include a number of effects, like flashers or small blasts. Just before a wrestler comes out, light a fountain on each side of the entrance stage. The fountains will create streams of colored fireworks and a nice crackle noise.

The fountains are also self-contained within a smaller area so you do not need to worry about the fireworks getting too close to the wrestling ring or other equipment. You can often find fountains in various colors that match the specific attire a wrestler wears.

2. Smoke Canisters

For any spooky pro-wrestler characters on the roster, consider the use of a smoke canister. A smoke canister focuses purely on the creation of smoke rather than any flames or fireworks. Light up a smoke canister around 30 seconds before a wrestler is set to make their entrance. The smoke will fill the arena and instantly add a creepy vibe.

Like fountains, you can find smoke canisters in a variety of colors and choose color options to the match the character in the pro-wrestling promotion.

3. Grand Finale Sets

If your wrestling promotion has a huge main event or title change, then consider the purchase of a grand finale set. A fireworks shop offers a grand finale set that includes multiple firework launchers. After the main event ends, celebrate the winner with a grand display. The fireworks are an ideal way to cap off the night and provide a lot of entertainment for the crowd.

Each set will typically list the duration of the display, so you have a chance to time out. The sets will also include a list of the firework types that are included in the package. The firework displays not only create a fun spectacle in person, but will add a fun element to any form of streaming or video you showcase online.

Browse around a firework store to find the best products available for your backyard wrestling shows.