Have Fitness Goals? Try Inline Skating

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Have Fitness Goals? Try Inline Skating

18 November 2022
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One of the ways to choose a new form of fitness is to think about the specific fitness goals that you have, and then begin to evaluate different activities that can help you work toward these goals. While traditional exercises such as jogging, swimming, and calisthenics can all help you to achieve your fitness goals, it can be fun to turn to something new — particularly if you've tried various activities over the year and found some to be dull. Inline skating is a popular activity that can not only be fun, but can also help you work toward certain fitness goals. Here are some examples.

Weight Loss

Many people look for types of exercise that will help them lose weight. There are several different options, including inline skating. Inline skating is an aerobic activity, and this form of exercise can be instrumental in burning calories to help you lose weight. The rate at which you burn calories while inline skating depends on certain factors. The faster your pace, the higher rate of calories you'll burn. You can also increase the burn by skating up hills in your neighborhood; as your body works harder because of the challenge of being on an inline, it will burn calories.

Muscle Gain

Gaining muscle is another common fitness goal. There are many benefits of having bigger muscles. A muscular body burns more calories at rest, which means that you're able to better manage your weight. Stronger muscles get less fatigued during various activities, which can help you with your endurance. Additionally, many people enjoy having stronger muscles simply because of how they look. Inline skating can be a good muscle builder. With dedication to this exercise, you can expect to see an improvement in the definition of the muscles in your legs, backside, and core.


It's important to seek out physical activities that help you with your balance. Improving your balance can make you feel more sturdy on your feet in your daily life, potentially decreasing your risk of a fall that results in an injury. There are many exercises that help with balance, including inline skating. If you haven't previously been on inline skates or ice skates, there's definitely an adjustment period as you get used to standing and moving. Through practice, though, you'll become skilled at traveling in straight lines, making sharp turns, and performing other moves — while improving your balance the whole time.

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